If you have questions about Worry-Free Dinners® (WFD) you'll find the answers here.

If you have a question(s) we have not answered or if you need further clarification, please send an email to worryfreedinners@gmail.com.

Worry-Free Dinners® Mission

Worry-Free Dinners® is an exclusive membership organization, dedicated to individuals with dietary restrictions such as food allergies, food intolerances, celiac disease and other needs.

It's organized and produced by Sloane Miller, MFA MSW LMSW, President of Allergic Girl® Resources, Inc.

The mission of a Worry-Free Dinners® is:

• To teach members how to advocate for their dietary needs in differing situations

• To practice clear and effective communication skills

• To enjoy an allergen-friendly meal in the company of like-minded individuals

Who Can Join Worry-Free Dinners®?

Worry-Free Dinners® events are open to individuals, couples and families.

Complete a separate application for each individual who would like to become a member of Worry-Free Dinners®.

Please note: anyone attending an event, whether they have allergies or not, will need to complete out an application.

You can download the application here or email us to request an application form: worryfreedinners@gmail.com.

Why Applications?

Worry-Free Dinners® is committed to serving and catering to the individual needs of each applicant as much as possible.

We can ensure that the applicants’ needs will be met to the best of our and our partners’ ability through using an application process.

It's relatively easy and quick to fill out. Just send an email to worryfreedinners@gmail.com and you'll receive an application.

Please note: You must be a member to attend our events. And, we need a complete a separate application for each individual who would like to attend an event, whether they have allergies or not.

Why Membership?

Worry-Free Dinners® promotes a safe community of like-minded individuals.

Joining constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions of this community.

The Worry-Free Dinners® community is based around advocacy, communication and safety for those individuals with dietary restrictions.

Worry-Free Dinners® Code of Conduct

Worry-Free Dinners® enforces a code of conduct. This includes that:

Members are expected to participate in the safe environment that Worry-Free Dinners® provides. Inappropriate language or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and will be the cause of termination of membership.

Members are expected to participate actively to ensure their safety while dining at a Worry-Free Dinners® event. They are encouraged to ask questions, talk to the staff/servers/managers/chef about their dietary needs and to practice new communication skills.

Safe and allergy-friendly dining is the sole responsibility of the Worry-Free Dinners® member, not the host restaurant, the Worry-Free Dinners® membership team or producer.

Why was my application rejected?

Simply stated, Worry-Free Dinners® cannot accommodate everyone’s needs all of the time.

Benefits to Worry-Free Dinners® members:

• Increased confidence away from allergy safe zones

• Heightened ability to communicate allergy needs

• Connection to allergy-friendly food service organizations and vendors

• Ongoing support system for food allergic families and individuals

Why are Worry-Free Dinners® prepaid?

Part of being “worry-free” includes not having to "worry" about getting the bill at the end of your meal.

By pre-paying, you simply have to show up for a Worry-Free Dinners® event. The meal, the tax and tip have all been taken care of and you can freely enjoy yourself. If you feel so inclined you may further tip your sever; that’s always welcome.

Is Worry-Free Dinners® only in NYC?

Worry-Free Dinners® is based in New York City; however, we will be expanding to cities in North America very soon.

Stay tuned to the Worry-Free Dinners® blog for more details.

Why are there no Worry-Free Dinners® events on Friday or Saturday nights?

By hosting our Worry-Free Dinners® events during quieter nights (like Sundays, Mondays or Tuesdays - or during weekend lunch time), we aim to provide both our members and the restaurant staff a better chance for optimum communication conditions and optimum dining conditions.

It's about managing risk really. By dining on slower nights at slower times, there are higher odds that your special needs and requests will be honored.

Why are dinners so early?

Again, it's about managing risk.

By dining earlier, cross contamination possibilities are lower: clean pans are plentiful, grills are newly scrubbed, flattop grils are still tidy; work stations are clean; even the staff is fresher if they've just started their shift.

Does it mean a careful restaurant won't be as careful with your meal at 9:30pm as they were at 6:30pm? No, not necessarily. But why not increase your odds of an allergen-friendly meal by dining early?

What is your cancellation policy?

Worry-Free Dinners requires three [3] BUSINESS DAYS notice for a full refund minus the Google Checkout processing fees.

Can I put a hold on seats?

We cannot hold spots given the demand. Your spot at the WFD event is reserved once it's purchased.

I have some specific/personal questions-who can I ask?

Any questions, we're here!

Feel free to email Sloane, Allergic Girl at allergicgirl@gmail.com or the program assistant at worryfreedinners@gmail.com and we'll get back to you within 24 hours, if not sooner.